Features of the Burj Khalifa – the Burj Khalifa Park

(Source: Landezine)

A 27-acre park surrounds Burj Khalifa, designed by landscape architects SWA Group, and  inspired by the core design concepts of Burj Khalifa itself which is based on the symmetries of the unique triple-lobed shape desert flower, Hymenocallis. 

The Park’s broad hectares of greenery and water features serve as both entrance way to Burj Khalifa and outdoor living space. The landscape design includes three distinct areas to serve each of tower’s three uses as hotel, residential and office space.These exquisite grounds include a promenade along the Dubai lake, outdoor spaces, outdoor dining, prow lookout, leisure forest grove, playing area, six water features, gardens, palm lined walkways, and flowering trees, complementing the grandeur of the great tower.

The tower and pedestrian pathways link the three areas of spaces located at the hotel entry, residential entry and the grand terrace. Awesome stone paving patterns welcome visitors at each entry; the main entry drive of which is circled with a palm court, water features, outdoor spaces and a forest grove above. The grand terrace showcases a lake edge promenade, garden spaces, all-around pedestrian circulation, custom site furnishings, anda functional island.

The grand water terrace consists of several levels that step down towards the lake’s edge; with the water terraces providing further visual interest by reflecting the tower on their surfaces. The landscape design includes six major water features: the main entry fountain, hotel entry fountain, residential entry fountain, the grand water terrace, children’s fountain pool and the sculptural fountain.

At the center of the park and the base of Burj Khalifa is the water room, which is a series of pools and water jet fountains. In addition, the railing, benches and signs incorporate images of Burj Khalifa and the Hymenocallis flower.

(Source: Inhabitat)

The plants and the shrubbery is watered by the building’s condensation collection system which uses water from the cooling system, providing 68,000,000 L, equivalent to 15,000,000 imp. gals. annually. The developer of Dubai Fountain, WET Designers, was also the developer of the Burj Khalifa Park’s six water features.